Warehouse management

This is where you manage the movement of your stock for each job out of the warehouse and back again.

  • Scan items as they come on to and off jobs and maintain a detailed record of what’s been used on every job.
  • Open all jobs with a simple double-click, and view a handy weekly summary of all jobs that are due to go out or come back.
  • Access and work in your warehouses or stockrooms, search for jobs and examine stock availability and the current status of stock at any time.
  • Generate job sheets and delivery reports at the click of a button.


The weekly calendar

Manage hire jobs due out/back

The Gimbal Warehouse Weekly Calendar gives you a week-by-week view of all hire jobs due to go out or which have been returned. You can also open each job and manage the products and items associated with it.

warehouse module-weekly calendar


Managing warehouse jobs

Dealing with the job’s products

Once a hire job is opened you are able to manage all the products which have been assigned to the job. Products can be added as needed and product items scanned on or off the job. If needed, new deliveries are added automatically to help manage the movement of various products over time.

warehouse module-dealing with jobs products


Warehouse job kits

Creating a job kit

Any product can be converted into a job kit – a group of multiple products which the user is free to select as required. This is very useful where products need to be linked together. Users can also add comments to any product or job kit.

warehouse module-creating a job kit


Reviewing product movement history

Returning hire jobs & products

With Gimbal Warehouse jobs can quickly and easily be processed and products returned to the warehouse ready for new jobs or marked as having problems. Products can be returned and replaced during the hire period if necessary without having to create a new job.

warehouse module-returning hire jobs


Problem items

Dealing with problems

If a product has a problem or has not been returned, Gimbal Warehouse allows you to log the problem and enter details of the issue, the solution and the cost. You can store an image of the damage and map precisely any scratches to lenses and the like. Once a product has been logged as having a problem, it will not be available for further hire jobs until the problem is resolved unless the user designates it as still available.

warehouse module-dealing with problems