Stock management

This is where you manage your stock inventory.

  • Add, amend, move and remove products as required.
  • Organise items into your chosen groups and sub-groups within an unlimited number of categories.
  • Input key internal and customer product information, adding product images and related documents as desired.
  • Quickly add products to or remove them from your website as needed.
  • Track the whereabouts of each item as it moves from job to job and maintain detailed item, job and service logs throughout.
  • Insert item-specific Carnet data to help you manage HMRC requirements for overseas jobs.
  • Retain the log history for retired items that have reached the end of their useful life.

The Gimbal stock screen

Maintain your stock inventory

Gimbal Stock allows you to structure your stock by unlimited groups, subgroups and products and assign individual items to any product. You can assign hire day or unit rates, stock quantities and barcodes to any product. You cans also store web links and pdfs about a product and attach an image.

stock managing product lines


Maintain and review all product item information

With Gimbal Stock you can assign unlimited items to any product and store specific information about each item – its barcode, serial number, home warehouse, the date it was bought and price paid. Each item has its own logs to shown its history, what hire jobs it is used on and any service history. You can also record information when an item is sold or retired.

Managing kits

Create and manage kits of products

Gimbal Stock allows you to create unlimited product kits – collections of products which always go together. You can also assign hire rates, stock quantities and other information to any kit. Kits are available when users are setting up a hire job and assigning products to it.

stock-managing kits


Review product movement

See a summary of selected stock status

At the click of a button Gimbal Stock shows you a summary of the current whereabouts of any stock and allows you to generate a spreadsheet report based on almost any collection of products you wish. Gimbal Stock also allows you to undertake stock checks at the click of a button.

stock-review product movement


The problem editor

Manage items which have problems

With Gimbal Stock you can review and resolve any stock item problem which has been logged. You can log what the problem is, its status and also store a description and an image of the problem and, if applicable, map any scratch damage noted.

stock-problem editor


The web editor

Allow stock to be published on the Web

Gimbal Stock allows you to publish selected products on your web site so that potential customers can see what products you are offering for hire. Here you can set up product hire groups and publish your prices and describe the product with a web image.

stock-the web editor