Rental management

This is where you manage all your rental jobs, from the creation of an initial quote through to invoicing and archiving.

  • Quickly create a new job, add all the products required and produce an instant quote for every customer. Once the job is confirmed, you can track it through each stage until it’s complete and ready to invoice.
  • Access all product lines instantly, and add or remove them from the job as needed.
  • Review product availability and pre-pick individual items, including hired-in and for sale items and extras.
  • See all jobs at a glance or search for them either by job number or by using the filter option to examine jobs based on a wide range of criteria – including client, user, date ranges, hirers and product groups and sub-groups.
  • Generate quotes, job sheets, credit notes, pro-formas and interim & full invoices at the click of a button at any stage.
  • Instantly access key client contact information, add or amend deliveries and make notes and comments as needed.
  • Auto-logs key steps in the job cycle.


The job list

Review all current hire jobs by stage

This is where Gimbal Rental gives you an overview of all current hire jobs and allows you to review detailed information about each job – the job price, the delivery dates, what is assigned to each job, the job’s log and much more. You can also manage clients, kits, drivers’ diaries and review jobs due to go out or return and product calendars and problem items.

rental module-job list


Managing the hire job

Build the hire products. Set day rates and hire price

Here each hire job can quickly be built to meet the customer’s requirements to provide an accurate hire cost. Any product in your inventory can be added and its quantity and day rate set. Users can add extras and notes and manage products that may need to be hired in. Users can set a special ‘Deal Price’ if required, produce quotes and invoices and set delivery and collection dates.

rental module-managing the hire job


The availability calendar

See what products are available

Gimbal Rental’s Availability Calendar lets you see what products are available for any hire job for any given period. Here you can see at a glance where product items are and which are available, due out, out, due back, or which have problems, are late back or are ready to invoice.

rental module-availability calendar


Producing invoices and other reports

Create quotes, proformas, credit notes and invoices

At the click of a button Gimbal Rental allows you to generate instant quotes, proformas, credit notes and invoices and send them to your client whenever you wish. Each report takes the hire job’s information and outputs it into a report designed for your needs. Changes to your hire jobs are instantly reflected in each new report. Invoice details of all are stored and available whenever you need them.

rental module-producing invoices and other reports-1

rental module-producing invoices and other reports-2


Job sheets and delivery notes

Generate job sheets and delivery notes

Gimbal Rental also allows you to create internal job sheets and delivery notes. If the job needs to go through customs, you can also run off the necessary Carnet report to comply with customs requirements. Users are also able to report on just items which are out or select specific deliveries and show individual product items if they wish.

rental module-job sheets and delivery notes