FAQs about Gimbal Equipment Hire Software

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Why ‘Gimbal’? What is a gimbal?

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines it as ‘a contrivance, typically consisting of two rings pivoted at right angles, for keeping an instrument…horizontal in a moving vessel or aircraft’.
We called our equipment rental software solution Gimbal because that is exactly what the software does – it keeps all the information you need to run your business steadily in the centre of your operation, even though the competitive environment is constantly changing around you.

Do I need a server to run Gimbal?

Yes, because this enables you to make Gimbal Equipment Hire Software available to all your users and so they all share a simultaneous view of the same data. As part of the initial set-up, we will install Gimbal on your server for you.

What are the minimum hardware/software specifications required?

Gimbal Equipment Hire Software is designed to run using a .Net framework and Crystal Reports © for the preparation of your main reports. It comprises a server-based application which accesses a MySQL database, a web-based stock interface published as XML and a suite of five client applications that can be run from any MS Windows-based PC with access to your server. We will ensure that all the subsidiary software you need is installed for you as part of the initial installation process.

How many locations can I run Gimbal from?

As many as you need. Depending on your network and issues of connectivity, data can be stored on one central server and on proxy servers which will synchronise with one another. Your designated administrator simply adds new locations as required.

My office is set up by department. Can Gimbal help me manage these?

Yes. your designated administrator can easily add new departments as required.

How many users can I have?

As many as you need; there is no limit. An administrator can easily add new users to the system. Users can also be assigned to a home location, a working location or a department and be assigned different roles.

Can I control access to Gimbal and my sensitive information?

Yes. User access can be password controlled. You can also control access to the more sensitive areas of the system by a combination of password control and user role management.

How do I learn how to use the system?

We have designed Gimbal Equipment Hire Software to be simple to use and as intuitive as possible. The software is not difficult to master but, as part of the initial installation, we offer training to all users and administrators.

Can users at one office access products based at my other offices?

Yes. Gimbal Equipment Hire Software has been designed to allow users to access and allocate products across all your offices. Stock can be tracked throughout so that you know exactly where it is at any moment.

How easily can I create quotes and manage jobs?

New quotes can be created at the click of a button. It is then easy to add client details, delivery dates and products. The user can either accept the default pre-set day rates for each product chosen or configure each rate or costing to suit the individual needs of the quote. Extras, sale or hired-in items can also be added. Once the job is configured, the user can then generate and deliver the quote instantly.
Once a quote is confirmed, it is easy to move it through all required stages from making up the order, through to delivery and on until the job is returned, checked in and invoiced. The job spec can be changed at any time, by adding, amending or removing products or details.

Can I copy existing job information to use on new jobs?

Yes. Any job can be copied – with or without the individual assigned items added to it.

Can I invoice from Gimbal?

Yes. We can provide all your company invoices, credit notes, quotes, job sheets, delivery notes and any other report you need designed to your own specification and using your own company logos. You are also able to produce interim invoices.

Can I manage international jobs with Gimbal?

Yes. You can add the Carnet information required by Revenue & Customs to all products at any time. Any job can be set as a Carnet job, and the relevant forms generated. Specific product items can be locked for use just for that job.

Does Gimbal track changes to key information?

Yes. Logs are maintained for all key events in the lifecycle of jobs, products and clients.

Can I let my customers know about my products on my website with Gimbal?

Yes. A special utility enables you to make key information about any or all of your product range available to your customers via your website. You can also use it to advertise items for sale on your web site.

Can I give Gimbal our own look and feel?

Yes. You can change each application’s colour scheme and add your own company logo.