Administration & Reports

This is where you administer and configure all the key equipment hire information which helps you run Gimbal. You can also generate hire management reports to help you understand how your business is performing.

You can add and maintain details about:

  • users
  • locations
  • departments
  • nominals
  • VAT rates
  • passwords
  • application colour schemes.

You can also run an extensive, filterable range of reports looking at:

  • your inventory
  • invoiced jobs
  • clients
  • users
  • hired equipment
  • jobs
  • products.

You can also output all reports to Excel for further analysis and even generate archives of old data.

Gimbal management tools

This password-protected module allows you to set up office/warehouse locations, departments, users and administrators. You can also manage VAT changes, nominal codes associated with Stock, set user and module access passwords, set your preferred colour schemes for each module or job state and access a suite of key management & client reports. You can also archive completed jobs as required.

gimbal management module-management tools


Manage nominals

With Gimbal Management you can set up assign your designated accounts nominal codes to key parts of the Stock and the Rental modules. Using Gimbal Stock you can then allocate these to any stock group or subgroup or use them to help monitor product types in Gimbal Rental – Own, Hired-in or Sale.

gimbal management module-manage nominals


Bulk manage invoices

With Gimbal Management you can review and bulk manage your invoices to ensure that they are properly posted on the system. Select either an initial invoice number or just get all your un-posted invoices. Double-click any hire job listed to load its invoices.

gimbal management module-bulk manage invoices


Generate management reports

Gimbal Management allows you to generate six separate reports – Client, User, Hired-in, Supplier, Job and Kit reports. You can filter each report by any combination of date range, user, client or Stock groups, subgroups, products or items. The information can be reviewed individually and is summarised. All reports can be output to Microsoft Excel©.

gimbal management module-generate management reports


Generate stock management reports

Gimbal Stock Reporter allows you to generate reports showing utilisation and revenue stream of your hire products. You can also drill down to see a more detailed job history for each product. And all reports can be output to Microsoft Excel©.

Stock Reporter Utilisation

You can view the information as a bar chart...

Stock Reporter Bar Chart

...or as a time-line. Each view allows you to drill down to more detail as you hover over each entry.

Stock Reporter Time Line Chart