About us

EyeSoft Software offers you powerful, practical products and strong customer support. Our goal? To provide you with tailor-made software that will unlock the power of your data to drive your company forward and simplify the way you manage your business.

We have developed a user-friendly, joined-up solution to your needs. Because we are small we are responsive and flexible, and offer excellent value for money. We combine the experience and reliability of maturity with the innovation and energy of youth.

How we work


Our number one priority with all our clients is to build a great relationship, so we can find out exactly what you need your software to do and how you want your business to grow. We’ll visit your company to get a detailed picture of your requirements, and then talk through our proposed solution and make sure you’re totally happy. We’ll then give you the support you need as you use the system.

Project management and installation

When we install the software, we’ll do rigorous testing to make sure that all elements of the system are working, and be on hand to answer questions and offer advice as and when you need it.


We’ll be happy to come to your premises to provide practical training in how to use the system, to individuals or groups, at a time to suit you.


Our helpline is available from 8 am to 7 pm, when we are available to offer technical support if you encounter a problem.


We are constantly adding value to our software, in response to the fast pace of technological change and to the needs of our customers. We can therefore upgrade and update your system as your business develops, so that you always have the software that suits the unique way your company works.